Handmade furniture pieces have a sense of distinct beauty that is preserved in the non-toxic stains, the rich and water-based finish as well as the reclaimed wood which shows itself clearly in the end results.

The exclusive utilization of reclaimed vintage wood has some benefits such as the color of the old-growth timber and the natural, aged patina being conserved during the entire manufacturing process, the tight growth rings and the grain of the timber used are excellent indicators of the remarkable density of the wood originating from ancient trees. All of this comes together to give the furniture a feel and a look that cannot be replicated if new wood was used instead. Urban Woods is a company that strives to design and produce furniture from eco-friendly materials which go through manufacturing processes that are environmentally conscious giving rise to eco-friendly and beautiful hand-made furniture in Los Angeles, California. Making the furniture by hand, using domestic and local manufacturing methods, has a much lighter impact on the environment as opposed to making use of foreign imports given that a majority of foreign factories have little to no regulations on environmental use. The finish utilized by Urban Woods on the furniture makes use of non-toxic, water-based stains and water-based and low VOC materials. They only use formaldehyde-free glues on their pieces and they do not use particle board or MDF in their construction; instead, they construct the furniture from solid wood only.


Some of their more popular furniture pieces include the Vienna dining table which has a wood base, the kirei credenza with drawers and the Woodstock bed from the custom collection. If you think this is amazing you should check out the tables from their Bowmont Trestle collection. The Urban Woods Wilcox collection is a combination of vintage materials and modern designs. This reclaimed vintage wood used in the Wilcox collection is put together in a patchwork arrangement and finally surrounded by wooden frames that are smooth. These frames have been finished in a water-based stain that is natural and the vintage wood undergoes finishing in a clear and low VOC acrylic. This collection boasts of furniture pieces which are all supported by brushed steel legs that have been hand welded in Los Angeles. Check out their color chart which consists of shades of wood in the smooth, kirei and rustic category depending on what kind of feel and design you would like your home or work space to exude.


There are also websites like decorlove.com which give you the option of choosing your décor preferences from a wide array of hand-made furniture options in your area listed with a description and pictures to match so that you know what to expect once you order. Select from options such as the Soho Brown handmade area rug, the traditional floating wall shelf which is made from high-quality cedarwood in a distressed style, a shoe rack constructed out of steel pipes and wood giving rise to a beautifully executed work of art and a beautifully hand-made mosaic table made out of organic wood.

If you make the choice to opt for handmade designs for your home or workspace, your designer should work with the goal of combining function and form to fit into a wide range of various settings. They should also understand that not every piece designed is ideal for every single location. A platform bed might not be the right size for every bedroom and every coffee table may not be big enough for a particular sectional which is why customization was invented.

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